Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alleged Gold & Silver Scams Abound

When you first set off to buy silver and gold products, there are many factors which will likely influence your decision making.

A product's price is most certainly one of the most important decision making factors. Gold and silver dealers know this, and therefore most dealers build their business models and advertising campaigns around low price offers.

Dealers understand that most people are trained to think that in a shopping comparison, lowest price wins.

This presumption should especially hold true when investors are comparing fungible or like-kind silver and gold bullion products from one dealer to the next.

Who doesn't want to save some fiat currency on a trade if they can?

Apparently there are hundreds of active silver and gold buyers who might prefer to actually receive the products they supposedly bought rather than simply saving a few bucks on their original purchase price.

Last week, The Orange County Register reported about hundreds of allegations against an online gold and silver bullion dealer located here.

The article states, "Consumers across the country have reported late or missing shipments of rare, silver and gold coins purchased from the Orange County precious-metals dealer. Clients say they have lost tens of thousands of dollars in investments, prompting some to take the business to court.", a silver and gold internet blogger, has painstakingly documented this delayed delivery fiasco since its inception (click here for more details).

According to The Better Business Bureau, there are more than 200 complaints regarding the dealer over the last 3 years.

- Source, James Anderson of Mike Maloneys Gold